GO Foundation Australia

GO Foundation is a three-way collaboration comprising of CareerTrackers, schools and universities and organisations within the GO Ecosystem, all working to create a brighter future for Indigenous students. In 2020, many Indigenous families were already experiencing poverty and, with the added complexity of COVID-19 and parents losing jobs, students were severely impacted. 

Through the Foundation, we were able to assist GO Foundation in supporting the Indigenous student scholarships to assist in getting access to essential items to continue their schooling at home during lockdown periods.  Many students were unable to access laptops, school equipment, reading items etc to continue learning online and at home. With QBE’s support, 25 students were provided with a laptop, Wi-Fi account with data accessibility, books and study supplies for home to continue their studies. This aligns closely to QBE’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitments as well as aligning with three UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 1, SDG 10 and SDG 8.