Living Reefs Foundation Bermuda

Living Reefs Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization and the first charity of its kind in Bermuda, dedicated to active coral restoration and conservation of the Atlantic’s northernmost reef ecosystem.

Living Reefs Foundation aims to address a gap in active mitigation efforts for reefs damaged through human impact in Bermuda. They use in-house expertise and strong collaborations with other relevant establishments to investigate, develop and implement scientific techniques for the restoration of corals, while educating the general public for their long-term engagement in reef preservation. 

In 2020, QBE supported the Foundation’s signature project ‘The Coral Garden Initiative’. This project serves to raise awareness, engage visitors and residents, and provides a scientific and educational tool in coral conservation.

With the QBE Foundation’s funding, Living Reefs Foundation were able build one new coral garden including installation as well as production, monitoring and, maintenance of young corals through their lifetime to build future healthy reefs. QBE’s support also covered expenses incurred in equipment, research and field work. QBE’s funding improved the production of young corals, improved protocols in coral cultivation, and supported the creation of one new coral garden, tying in with one of QBE’s priority UN SDGs, SDG 13, Climate Action.

 woman looking into a microscope children putting things in a bucket