Let’s make a difference together

Premiums4Good is an innovative global initiative created to turn everyday insurance spending into something extraordinary. By directing a portion of our customer’s insurance premiums into socially responsible, impact investments we are partnering with them to make a difference to the communities and environment we live and work in.

How does Premiums4Good work?

Through Premiums4Good, select customers can elect for QBE to direct up to 25 per cent of their premium into socially responsible and impact investments – a first for the insurance industry. This can be projects that help the environment, like renewable energy, waste management and water conservation, or ones that deliver direct, sustainable benefits to communities such as helping the homeless or providing additional social care or mentoring to adults and young people to help them thrive.

Our global impact investment strategy

We have an aligned global approach to our impact investment strategy, committing a minimum USD 100m, GBP 100m and AUD 100m to impact investments in the US, UK and Australia respectively. Our ambition is to grow our impact investments to USD 1bn by 2021.

How can you contribute?

As a QBE customer you have the opportunity to direct up to 25 per cent of your premium into socially responsible, impact investments through Premiums4Good. There is no additional cost associated and you are still afforded the same level of cover.

Praise for Premiums4Good

“This is a great initiative and we are delighted to support it. It certainly makes QBE stand out from other insurance companies and this is something we will be considering for any future business.”

Valeria Calvo, Head of Risk Transfer & Corporate Functions Risk, London Stock Exchange Group.

“Premiums4Good is a clever and very worthwhile initiative. Why wouldn’t we want to support it? We’d be happy for 50%...100% of our premiums to be invested this way.”

Phil Clark, Director of Insurance, Vodafone Group Services Limited.

"Activate TM, Canada’s first health-related PFS program, with Heart & Stroke Foundation Community Hypertension Prevention Initiative (CHPI)…’was the first deal that sought to tackle a health issue with an investment approach in Canada. It was important for the project team to find investors fully aligned to the ethos of the innovation. QBE’s contribution strengthened the rigour of this first-of-its-kind deal, a value significantly greater than simply funding a cheque"

Adam Jagelewski, Director, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, Canada

QBE is ‘Mobilising insurance customers for impact…’ QBE’s Premiums4Good (P4G) offering has mobilised impact by allowing clients to direct up to 25% of their insurance premiums into impact investment …. Leveraging existing product and distribution capabilities can help build a differentiated offering that mobilises impact by getting a clear mandate from customers to invest in assets that generate social benefits and financial returns.’

Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, ‘Widening & Deepening Impact’ Report 2018