The Risks of Regret

Malaysia businesses are more likely to take out business liability and professional indemnity insurance only after an incident or crisis occurs, according to research by QBE. As a result, these companies are missing out on the potential opportunity for compensation when something does happen – putting themselves, their businesses, employees and customers all at risk.

QBE’s ‘The Risks of Regret – Business Liability and Professional Indemnity Report 2017’ looks at some of the key challenges facing businesses in Malaysia and how they are handling these risks.

Our business insurance products

Commercial Motor

Commercial Motor 

Why Liberalise?

We provide comprehensive Motor insurance protection for commercial vehicles.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property 

Guard your business property and assets

A range of policies to cover material damage and business interruption and a number of general accident exposures.

Construction Engineering

Construction & Engineering

Essential cover against sudden or unforeseen losses

Protect your huge capital investments in the event of loss or damage to your engineering or construction projects.

General Accidents

General Accident 

Financial protection against multiple risks

As all businesses are exposed to variety of risks, it is essential to protect and minimise any risks that may negatively impact your bottom line. Our competitive prices and flexible approach enables business owners to minimise the exposure of their businesses.

General Liability

General Liability 

Safeguard your business from potential liabilities

Be protected by our range of liability products which cover you against legal liability for injury and property damage.


Group Accident & Health 

Provide protection for yourself and your employees

A comprehensive health and Personal Accident plan for corporate clients to cover their employees and their dependants.

  • Claims Forms
  • Discharge Medical Report 


Cover for Marine Cargo, Hull and Liabilities (including P&I)

With more than 130 years in the global Marine market. Protect your business from the unimaginable risks lurking around.

multinational insurance

Multinational insurance 

Flexible multi-class insurance solutions tailored to the needs of companies operating in multiple locations around the world.

Asia Multinational Insurance Brochure 


Professional Liability

Legal protection for corporations and professionals

 Protection for companies and business professionals.


SME Insurance

One-stop hassle-free shop for SMEs seeking insurance

Comprehensive protection for small to medium sized commercial, retail and industrial clients.


Workmen's Compensation

Innovative and cost-effective solutions for your business

Innovative and cost-effective solutions for your employees.

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