What is e-payment

E-payment system is a way of paying for goods or services electronically instead of using cash or a cheque, in person or by mail.

Types e-payment services

There are two basic categories of e-payment methods – those that are offered through a banking institution and those that are offered through a service provider, such as a phone credit card company. Some of the most common e-payment services available include RENTAS, Interbank GIRO, Instant Interbank Fund Transfer, Direct Debit, FPX, JomPAY, and PayPal.

Benefits of use e-payment

  • Safe and secure
  • Fast and convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Easier than paying in cash or by cheque
  • Reduces risk of fraud

QBEM e-payment Channel

As a financial institution supervised by BNM, QBE Malaysia is playing an active role in promoting e-payments amongst its customers and business partners.

QBE Malaysia welcomes agents, brokers and policyholders to use the e-payment services such listed below for the settlement of premiums.

In our REXIT system, the e-payment platform now allows payment via FPX.

What is FPX?

“Financial Payment Exchange (FPX) is a secured and reliable online payment gateway that enables you to pay for your online purchases hassle-free and in real-time..”

Our intermediaries who are using the Rexit e payment system will now have options to pay premiums either by credit card or FPX.


You can also make premium payment to QBE via internet or mobile banking at your preferred bank using funds from your savings, current or credit card account. This is a national bill payment initiative by Bank Negara Malaysia which offered more faster, convenient and secure payment channel.

You will only require to log in to internet or mobile banking at your bank, enter the JomPay Biller Code(QBE biller code) and reference number ( either policy number or cover note number) with payment amount.

Please refer to below steps or click to http://www.jompay.com.my/making-a-payment.html for more instructions on this method of payment.

Simple Steps to Make Payments with JomPAY.

  • Spot - Look for the JomPAY logo and Biller Code on your QBEM Invoices
  • Go Online - Logon to your Internet & Mobile Banking and look for JomPAY
  • Pay - Enter the payment details and confirm payment


Real-time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities System (RENTAS) is a large value payment system in Malaysia with minimum limit of RM10,000 and is transacted in real time. The service cost is for making a payment via RENTAS varies between RM5 to RM14 depending on the bank.

Currently, RENTAS interbank transfers can be done over the counter at participating banks, as internet banking does not offer this kind of facility. RENTAS is operated by MyClear (Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Negara, the Central Bank of Malaysia.

Interbank GIRO / Interbank fund transfer

Interbank GIRO (IBG) or IBFT allows funds to be transferred from a customer's savings or current account to an account at another bank via computer-based systems, without going through bank staff. This service is provided by MyClear.

Customers can perform IBG/IBFT transfers at ATM or via internet banking and deposit to the following QBE Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad accounts:

  • Citibank (0-112812-016) or
  • Maybank (514012-053022)
  • HSBC (301-231361-001

Please provide the following information and email to finance.collection@qbe.com.my for any e-payments made to QBE Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad.

  1. Name :
  2. Remittance details i.e. Policy No / vehicle No :
  3. Contact No / email address :

Credit card / Debit card

QBE also accepts payment by VISA and Mastercard. As an appointed payment processor, QBE is authorised to handle credit cards and debit card transaction for walk-in customer or customers with a completed Credit Card Authorisation Form. Details of Insured’s name, contact number and policy number are required for payment via credit or debit cards.

Please call our customer services at +603 78618400 or email finance.collection@qbe.com.my for more instructions on this method of payment.

Complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form here.

Other payment method

Apart from e-payment channel above you may also use the below payment method.

Cash Deposit Machines (CDM)

You may pay your premium via CDM at Citibank, Maybank or HSBC into account numbers as below:

  • Citibank (0-112812-016) or
  • Maybank (514012-053022)
  • HSBC (301-231361-001)

Please provide deposit evidence (i.e. deposit slip) together with the following details and email to finance.collection@qbe.com.my.

  1. Name :
  2. Remittance details i.e. Policy No / vehicle No :
  3. Contact No / email address :


You may also use crossed cheque made payable to 'QBE Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad. Please indicate your name and policy number on the back of the cheque or attach the payment slip from the tax invoice and :

sent to: QBE Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad No. 638 Level 6, Block B1, Pusat Dagagng Setia Jaya( Leisure Commerce Square) No. 9, Jalan PJS 8/9. 46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Or deposit to QBE Account to either of this account:

  • Citibank (0-112812-016) or
  • Maybank (514012-053022)
  • HSBC (301-231361-001)

Please provide deposit evidence (i.e. deposit slip) together with the following details and email to finance.collection@qbe.com.my.

  1. Name :
  2. Remittance details i.e. Policy No / vehicle No :
  3. Contact No / email address :

QBE Malaysia’s participation in encouraging e-payment

Apart from providing e-payment channels to our intermediaries and policyholders, QBE Malaysia is also carrying out e-payment awareness activities, including sending emails to customers, publishing notices in our newsletters and deploying banner/bunting at QBE branch offices.

In the event of payment required from QBE Malaysia – such as a claim payment or the refund of a premium – we will process via e-payment.

Kindly submit the completed Giro authorisation form and email the relevant document to: finance.payment@qbe.com.my.

Complete the Giro Authorisation Form here.

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