The Women’s Foundation Hong Kong – QBE International

The Women’s Foundation (TWF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong. 

In 2020, under the backdrop of COVID-19, TWF advocated for stronger domestic violence protections, raised awareness around the extra care responsibilities disproportionately shouldered by women, and supported underprivileged families with the technology needed to continue with work and school online. They also continued their efforts to challenge gender stereotypes, improve the lives of women in poverty and advance women leaders through their programs, initiatives, research and advocacy. This includes their STEM Programs which aim to build a pipeline of local female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) talent and empower underprivileged girls to achieve their full potential through a variety of programs.   

In 2019, QBE supported TWF’s Digital Literacy Program, which targets parents and their daughters from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program aims to debunk parent’s negative stereotypes that STEM is more suitable for boys; enhance their tech-related knowledge; and better enable parents to foster their daughters’ interest in STEM, support efforts towards achieving SDG 10, and reduce inequalities. TWF partners with schools to deliver workshops on boosting participants’ digital capabilities and coding to both students and their parents who were taught alongside their kids. Workshops cover 3D modelling, Micro:Bit, AI Exploration and Coding as well as parent-only workshops on positive internet usage. The program aims to empower both the students and parents, and promote the economic inclusion irrespective of age, ethnicity or economic status. 

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