Interacting with Governments in Australia

QBE is committed to making a positive contribution to public debate on issues affecting the insurance sector in Australia. Our Australian division engages with state and federal governments and other stakeholders (including industry bodies) in a responsible, open and transparent manner. Our engagement is focused on contributing to the development of public policy with the aim of achieving balanced policy and regulatory outcomes for all stakeholders – our shareholders, customers, the community and governments.

QBE is politically neutral and any political donations made by QBE in Australia are made in accordance with our political donations policy. Any such contributions are generally for memberships or entry fee payments to attend business forums or events of political parties as part of our participation in the democratic process. QBE discloses political donations in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.

We also belong to industry bodies and other local membership organisations in countries where we operate, as well as forums and institutes related to risk management, accounting and finance and actuarial services. We encourage employees to be involved in these organisations through training and qualifications, events, participation in working groups and taking leadership positions.