Frequently Asked Questions

Your premium is likely to change each time you renew because premiums are affected by many different things, including changes in technology and repair costs, your sum insured or claims history. You can find out more on our understanding your premium page.


Learner drivers who display L plates don’t need to be listed on your QBE car insurance policy. They’re covered under the policy so long as they comply with their licence conditions and are supervised by a properly licensed driver.
Passengers who are injured in an accident may be covered by the at-fault driver’s Compulsory Third Party (CTP) cover (also known as Green Slip cover in New South Wales). Depending on the state and the incident, the passenger may only receive cover if their medical costs exceed a certain amount, or their recovery exceeds a certain timeframe.
Sorry. We don’t provide roadside assistance.


Your CTP Certificate Number can be found at the top right-hand corner of your renewal Green Slip to the right of ‘CERTIFICATE NO.’
If your Green Slip has been used to register your car, it remains linked to the registration of your car for the registration term. Policy cancellation is only possible if you hand in your car’s registration plates to Transport for NSW. You can’t cancel a Green Slip and seek a refund if you change your mind. As long as your car is registered with Transport for NSW, your policy must remain in force.
If your car’s registered when you sell it, the Green Slip stays with the vehicle and is transferred to the new owner. You’ll get a refund from your insurer when you hand your plates into TFNSW Services.

When you hand in your car’s registration plates, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) will give you a “Confirmation of Cancelled Registration” letter. Please email, fax or post this letter to us at:

We'll send your refund by cheque within 30 days. We can only refund the registered operator nominated on the letter.

Moved recently?

If you’ve recently changed your address, please note the change on the “Confirmation of Cancelled Registration” letter and include your initials as acknowledgement of the change of address.


If you've moved, need to increase your sum insured, or tell us about any other change in your details, please call us on 1300 161 857. Please keep in mind that your home or contents insurance premium may go up or down, depending on the change you need to make.

Each year on renewal, we automatically adjust your sum insured (the amount you’re insured for) to help keep pace with the increasing cost of building and repairs.

You can also update your sum insured to include things like new contents or home improvements.

If the same insured event (like a storm) causes damage to your home and contents and you need to claim, you'll only pay one excess; whichever is higher.