Suffered a loss due to building work?

Suffered a loss due to building work?
  • Make sure you have the builder's full details
  • Gather relevant information such as the Certificate of Insurance, copies of the contract and proof of payments to the builder
  • Complete a claim form and send it to us, or alternatively call us on 1300 790 723 as soon as possible.
Call 1300 790 723

Complete a claim form: VIC*, WA, SA, ACT or NSW** and send it to:
Email: builderswarrantyclaims@qbe.com
Post: QBE Insurance, GPO Box 4323, Melbourne VIC 3000
Fax: 02 8275 9650 / 03 9246 2606

*Victorian claims with QBE can only be made for policies prior to 31 May 2010, For all policies issues after this date, please refer to the VMIA website for further details. 

**NSW claims with QBE can only be made for policies prior to 1 July 2010. For all policies issued after this date, please refer to the icare website for further details.

How does it all work?

Our insurance claim process is quick and easy. To see what is involved in claiming, what information you'll need, and how to get your claim lodged, check out the sections below.

Lodging your claim

If you've suffered loss from a QBE insured builder due to incomplete or faulty building work, you can lodge a claim by sending us a completed claim form or calling 1300 790 723. You'll typically need the following information:

  • The builder's QBE policy/certificate of insurance number
  • Details of the builder
  • Copies of the contract detailing the work being completed by the builder
  • Proof of any payments made to the builder, such as invoices, receipts and bank statements
  • Evidence of any termination of a building contract.

If the building work was carried out before you purchased the home, you'll need to provide a copy of the contract of sale.

Managing your claim

To assess your claim, we'll investigate the details and let you know if we require any further information to help with our assessment.

This process may also require us to inspect the faulty or incomplete building work.

If your claim is approved, we'll either repair or rectify the loss or damage, or pay the amount to cover that loss or damage.

In NSW and Victoria, we must tell you whether your claim has been accepted or rejected within 90 days of receiving the required information.

Managing repairs

If your loss is due to defective work, and we approve your claim, we'll help you through the rectification process and assist you in obtaining three quotations to quantify your claim.

Settling your claim

An excess is applicable on all claims and we'll tell you the amount when we receive your claim. This amount will be deducted from any settlement made by us; either from any payment made to you, or paid by you directly to the builder.

If we rectify the loss, we'll handle payments directly to the builder with your authorisation, less the applicable excess.

We want to make sure you're happy with the completed work. So we won't finalise your claim until you've signed a Notice of Completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any health or safety concerns related to the loss, please contact our office immediately. We'll treat your claim with priority and help you take measures to mitigate the risks.
Yes, if you have a builder you'd prefer to use then ask them to supply a quote, which we'll include in our assessment of liability.
You may lodge a claim if you've suffered a loss due to incomplete or faulty building work performed by the insured builder due to the builder's insolvency, death, or disappearance. In NSW you may also lodge a claim if the insured builder has had their licence suspended due to an unsatisfied money order obtained by you against the builder in the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
Yes, each state imposes limitations on your eligibility to claim based on the time since the initial building work was completed. Please refer to your relevant state authority's website, your policy wording or call us on 1300 790 723 for further information.

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