What's included in the cover


  • Fire

  • Flood

  • Storm

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Water damage

  • Temporary accommodation

  • Essential temporary repairs

  • Legal liability

Not Included

  • Accidental damage

  • Contents in storage (optional benefit)

  • Student accommodation (optional benefit)

  • Portable contents away from home (optional benefit)

Optional Benefits

Accidental damage

Standard cover only includes accidental damage to glass. This option extends your cover to the rest of your home and contents.

Contents in storage

If your belongings are in storage you’ll need additional cover.

Contents at student accommodation

Cover for your belongings in your student accommodation.

Domestic Workers Compensation

Covers the cost of injury compensation to people working in your home.

Portable contents

Cover for items such as jewellery, your mobile phone and laptop away from home.

Cycle cover

Added protection for bike lovers, at home and when you’re cycling.

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Ways to save

Want to save on your home and contents insurance? Here's how:

  • Flexible excess - lower the cost of your cover by opting for a higher excess
  • Annual premium discount - save by paying your premium upfront
  • Claims experience bonus - claim-free customers can save
  • Security discount - security devices such as alarms and deadlocks (that meet our minimum standards) can save you money
  • Over 50s discount - senior policyholders can save
  • Retirees discount - lower premiums for retired customers.
Home Prestige

Home Prestige insurance 

Want the added peace of mind that comes with our highest level of cover? With Home Prestige you’ll enjoy a range of extra benefits, including accidental damage cover, higher limits across selected items and cover for contents outside the home (if you’re insuring your contents). You can choose our Prestige cover for your home, your contents, or opt for a combined home and contents policy.


Find out more

Insurance calculators
Home and contents insurance calculators

It's easy to underestimate the cost of rebuilding your home or replacing its contents. Our insurance calculators will help you figure out how much cover you need (your 'sum insured').

Six ways to protect your home from thieves
Six ways to protect your home from thieves

Contents insurance can cover the cost of stolen belongings, but it can’t replace items of sentimental value or take away the trauma of a burglary. Proactivity is your best form of defence.

Four risks to your home, and how to combat them
Four risks to your home, and how to combat them

Your home is more than just four walls – it’s a sanctuary for you and your loved ones. And chances are it didn’t come cheap. Understanding the risks your home faces will help you protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re covered for loss or damage caused by ‘defined events’. For details of these events, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and your Policy Schedule.

Your carpets and blinds are covered by your contents insurance.

Not automatically. This is an option you can select at an additional cost.

There are certain limits for particular high risk items. If you have an item that exceeds this limit, you need to specifically list the item on your policy. We’ll usually need valuations, receipts or serial numbers as proof of ownership in the event of a claim. You’ll find more information about this in your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.

There are two types of specified items. ‘Specified contents’ are items covered inside your home. It doesn’t cost extra to specify these on your policy.

‘Specified portable contents’ items have additional cover away from home if you choose this option. For more information on the limits that apply to your policy, refer to your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.

No. To protect your personal valuables away from home, you'll need to get Portable Contents insurance. This covers accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, and can be extended to include worldwide cover.

Yes. For more information, please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.

If your house will be unoccupied for more than 60 days, you should contact us to continue your cover. Other restrictions on cover may apply. You’ll find more information about this in your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.

A certificate of currency is a document that states the details of your cover and, where applicable, will confirm the interests of your financier are noted on your Policy Schedule. To request a certificate of currency, call us on 133 723.

Your policy can start when your Certificate of Handover is provided by your builder. You can get a quote online or call us on 133 723 to arrange cover.

Yes, as part of your sum insured. You’re covered for debris removal if we need to repair, replace or rebuild your home. You need to make sure you’ve allowed for this cost when setting your sum insured.

Use our home and contents insurance calculators to assess the value of your home and its contents.

The Building Sum Insured Safeguard is all about peace of mind. If your home is a total loss and you’ve used our home insurance calculator correctly – but your estimate has fallen short – we’ll cover you for up to 30% more than your sum insured. You'll need to provide a copy of your Building Replacement Estimate in the event of a claim so please download and save a copy of the full report and keep a printed copy in an offsite location.

The Safeguard benefit also protects your sum insured if the increased cost of repair over and above your sum insured was directly caused by a catastrophic event. More information regarding this benefit can be found in your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.

The advice on this website has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You must decide whether or not it is appropriate, in light of your own circumstances, to act on this advice. You should ensure you obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the policy before you make any decision to acquire it.

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