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Business insurance

Claims explained

When life doesn’t go to plan, for example after an unexpected accident, making a claim against your insurance policy can be the moment you truly experience the benefit of insurance.

Business insurance

Helpful tips for the claims process

Many of us aren’t sure how exactly to make a claim, we’ve identified a number of top tips to help our customers navigate the claims process.

Business insurance

What to do when you make a claim

We understand it’s hard to remember all you need to do during a time of stress, here’s a series of steps explaining what to do at claim time.

Confirmation of Claim Transaction

As part of our claims process, customers receive updates about the progress of their claim. These updates may include information about a claim decision, paying a policy excess and settlement.

Would you like a confirmation of your insurance claim?

If you have lodged a claim with us for a (car, home, boat or travel) policy, you can request a confirmation of your insurance claim (a Confirmation of Claim Transaction) and we will provide it after the claim is finalised. It will confirm basic information about your finalised claim.

How can I request a Confirmation of Claim Transaction?

You can request a Confirmation of Claim Transaction by completing the Confirmation of Claim Transaction request form or by contacting our claims team on 133 723.

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