Car stolen, damaged or in an accident?

  • Prevent further loss or damage and ensure the safety of you and those around you
  • Inform the police if your car's stolen or vandalised, or if required by law
  • Take details of other parties or vehicles involved in the accident
  • If your car isn't drivable, have it towed to the nearest safe place
  • Lodge a claim online or call us on 133 723 as soon as possible.

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Glass or windshield claim? Visit O'Brien Glass or call 1800 068 985

How does it all work?

Our insurance claim process is quick and easy. To see what is involved in claiming, what information you'll need, and how to get your claim lodged, check out the sections below.

Lodging your claim

For a glass or windshield claim, visit O'Brien Glass or call 1800 068 985. We'll manage the process so there’s no need to lodge a separate claim with us.

For all other claims, lodge online or by calling us on 133 723. You'll typically need the following information:

  • Your QBE policy number
  • The name, address, phone number, email address, licence number and insurer of other drivers involved
  • The name and contact details for the owner of other vehicles involved if not the driver at the time
  • The registration number of other vehicles involved in the accident
  • Details of the accident such as the date and time, location, weather conditions at the time.

If your vehicle has been towed to a vehicle storage yard, please tell your Claims Officer to help us deal with your claim more efficiently.

Getting ready for repairs

To assess your claim we’ll review the accident and ask if we need any more information. We'll also contact any other parties involved and if you receive any correspondence from them, please send it to your claims officer.

We'll then refer you to the closest QBE accredited repairer to progress your claim. If your vehicle is in a storage yard, we'll arrange for it to be assessed there.

Choosing a QBE accredited repairer ensures these great benefits

  • No hassle assessing with our repairers – just take your car to the accredited repairer, give them your claim number and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Fully licensed and insured - our specialists are proven to deliver quality repairs and services.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of all repairs authorised by us for the life of your car.

The repairer will send us their quote, which we'll review before authorising them to start work. The repairer will then call you about dropping off your car.

If you decide to choose a different repairer, then you may need to manage the process yourself and we'll discuss this with you.

Managing repairs and excess

Your repairer will be your primary contact while your car’s being repaired. How long it takes will depend on the repairer’s availability and the damage to your car. If you have any other questions during this time please contact QBE.

Once your car’s been repaired or we've declared it a write off, you may need to pay an excess. We'll tell you what's applicable when you lodge your claim.

Excess is usually paid to the repairer once they’ve completed their work. If your car's declared a write off, we'll deduct the excess from the amount we pay for your claim.

In some instances, there may be no damage to your vehicle but you may still be liable for damage to other vehicles or property. If this happens you’ll need to pay your excess directly to QBE then we'll manage the process on your behalf.

All repairs authorised by QBE have a lifetime guarantee on the quality of the repairs for any defect due to faulty workmanship or materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you chose the 'hire car after accident' option when taking out your policy, your cover should include the cost of a hire car. You can check whether this is included in your Policy Schedule. If so, we'll arrange a hire car for you.
Your no claim bonus won't be affected if we agree someone else was at fault and you tell us their name, address and vehicle registration. Your no claim bonus may be affected if the accident was your fault and could be reduced when you renew your policy. To find out how exactly your no claim bonus will be impacted, please call our policy team on 13 37 23.

You shouldn't drive your car if:

  • It no longer complies with state road authority requirements
  • The lights have been damaged
  • The radiator is leaking
  • The engine has been damaged
  • The damage interferes with normal driving.
After you've lodged your claim, including the details of other involved parties, we'll take care of any issues should they get in touch. Simply refer any calls or correspondence to us.
If your car is damaged in an accident and we determine you're not at fault, you may not have to pay an excess. We'll determine whether excess is applicable after reviewing the claim.
Yes, you may choose your own repairer. However, you may need to also get a quote from an accredited QBE repairer to assess the damage.
Depending on their availability, the repairer can start work the moment they receive our authority to repair.

All accredited repairers in our preferred network are committed to providing QBE customers with priority service and must abide by strict quality standards. These include quality and audit inspections, maintaining professional business premises and using the latest equipment to repair your car.

They'll also vacuum your car to make sure it's clear of dirt before you pick it up.

All repairs completed by a QBE accredited repairer come with a lifetime guarantee on the quality of the repairs and for any defect due to faulty workmanship or materials.

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