QBE Australia is proud to be part of the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program – joining other leading organisations that are equally committed to promoting greater financial inclusion. Together, we’re doing what we can to help ensure no Australian is left behind.

As a major insurance company, QBE is focused on managing risk and facilitating participation – giving people the confidence to achieve their ambitions. This includes our customers, our people, our partners, and communities. Our priorities are to ensure we are customer-focused by providing accessible solutions to our customers’ current and emerging needs, and to operate sustainably which includes working to address key customer and community issues such as financial wellbeing.

Our foundation FIAP contains 29 initiatives designed to improve financial inclusion for our customers, community partners, suppliers and employees. This plan has been developed to address the following key action areas of the FIAP program:

 FIAP Action Area 1  FIAP Action Area 2  

FIAP Action Area 3  FIAP Action Area 4

The delivery of these initiatives will enable us to support our stakeholders by:

  • Providing improved awareness and access to appropriate financial products and services
  • Increased understanding of barriers to financial inclusion, financial resilience and financial well-being
  • Improved support for financially vulnerable customers, staff, suppliers community
  • Increased pathways and tools for ongoing support for vulnerable groups
  • More partnerships and collaboration to support vulnerable groups.

Our progress towards the delivery of these initiatives was evaluated and verified at the end of the first year.

Read more about QBE's Financial Inclusion Action Plan progress update.

For more information, visit fiap.org.au/