Residential and Commercial Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bonds are a great alternative to cash deposits when you’re buying property, whether it’s residential (for you or as an investor) or commercial. They free up your cash until settlement, which can be particularly useful if you’re buying an ‘off the plan’ property which could take years to complete. Our bonds can be short-term (up to six months) or long-term (up to five years).

They’re available through:

Deposit Bond Australia

Tel: 1800 BOND 88
or (02) 9966 1044
Email: admin@deposit.com.au
Website: www.depositbondaustralia.com.au/

Deposit Assure

Tel: 1300 798 797
Email: bonds@depositassure.com.au
Website: www.depositassure.com.au

Aussie Bonds Australia

Tel: 1300 851 351
Email: bonds@aussiebonds.com.au
Website: www.aussiebonds.com.au
After hours contact:
Kerry Henry: 0498 888 333

QBE Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bonds are available to individuals, companies and trusts. They’re suitable for existing property owners looking to purchase another property, investors wishing to expand their property portfolio or first home buyers with an unconditional loan approval.
We issue Deposit Bonds to the vendor as a guarantee you’ll settle on the date of the contract. We’ll ask you to sign an indemnity; a legally binding document that gives us the right to recover the amount of the bond from you if you default under the contract at settlement.
The Deposit Bond is a legal document and is available Australia-wide. We’re a leading provider of Deposit Bonds in Australia and have high credibility and creditworthiness. The vast majority of vendors will accept our bonds.
The vendor can claim the amount specified on the bond up to the value (10% of the property). Once we settle the claim, the indemnity will give us the right to recover this amount from you, once the demand has been paid.
We’re obliged to pay the vendor or bond holder the amount of the deposit within a set period after the demand has been made and in accordance with the conditions of the bond. This is a requirement even if a dispute arises between you and the vendor.
The bond will terminate on the expiry date or when the contract of sale is completed, terminated or rescinded. If you fail to complete the purchase and the vendor demands payment from us, the bond will terminate once the claim has been paid in full.

Initial claim documentation should be sent to suretybondsadmin@qbe.com.

Our claims team will conduct an initial review and advise if further information is required for the full assessment.