As a builder, you need to be flexible to meet the demands of your clients. That’s why your insurance cover needs to be flexible too.

Available for construction jobs of all sizes, QBE Contract Works insurance helps ensure you’re comprehensively covered before, during and after completion.

Keep moving, stay covered

We automatically include market-leading features such as cover for display homes, speculative homes and cover for up to 30 days after completion. You can also top up your cover with annual cover for existing buildings and vacant land.

This flexibility means you’re free to keep projects moving, or commence new ones, whilst knowing you’re covered at every stage.

Cover on-site and off

Our cover helps ensure that key elements such as project materials and contractor tools are covered, not just on-site but between sites. You’re even covered while at home or tendering for other projects.

Experts on your team

The QBE construction team is made up of highly experienced industry professionals. Our team works with you to understand your most complex projects, help solve your post-loss issues and restore your business as quickly as possible.

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