We create opportunities for our people to achieve their full potential


To support our employees to achieve their potential, we provide access to the professional development they need to excel in their careers, offered through both internal and external programs. We know one of the best ways to learn is with an excellent teacher; QBE actively encourages mentoring in our teams as well as training and coaching to share information and promote learning from the experience of colleagues. Role-specific development pathways are also available to help our people reach their potential in their current role.


QBE is committed to developing long-term careers and we offer our employees tools and resources designed to help identify their goals and achieve the skills they need to reach them. We have a range of development opportunities, from training and coaching, through to secondments and role changes. We help our people explore new possibilities in their careers, so they can plan and take action. Individual goals are formalised through a Personal Development Plan for each employee, allowing you to set goals and increase your prospects for gaining qualifications and furthering your career.


Strong leadership is highly valued at QBE; we understand having outstanding leaders is critical to our success. The QBE Leadership Academy provides a global platform of programs that empowers employees to become more effective leaders and change agents. Participants are challenged to bring out the best in themselves and others, as the Academy combines education and experience to expose our people to new ways of leading.

Global opportunities

An Australian company with a global reach, QBE offers our employees a world of opportunity. With offices in all Australian states and territories, and five divisions around the globe, we value mobility across our business and encourage offices interstate and overseas to collaborate and innovate. For those wishing to broaden their horizons, a range of international secondments and global projects are possible.

Chief Executive Women (CEW) Leaders Program

We support the development of our talented female leaders through our ongoing participation in the Chief Executive Women (CEW) Program. The program provides participants with an opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and grow their professional networks. Here are some insights from of our some of our previous participants:

Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack
Head of Change & Business Improvement

What has been a highlight for you of the CEW Leader's Program?

The networks I have formed with senior leaders across a range of organisations and industries has been the highlight of this program for me. We have been able to share knowledge and support each other’s success through the common challenges we face in our roles.

Johanna O'Rourke
Head of Commercial, Operations and Technology, Group Legal

What has been a highlight for you of the CEW Leader's Program?

Having the opportunity to hear from, meet with and network with an incredible range of successful, engaging professional women from a diverse background of industries – both my fellow participants as well as the inspiring speakers. I took a number of tangible lessons from the workshops we did.

Hao Yin
Head of Compliance, Group Investments

What has been a highlight for you of the CEW Leader's Program?

There were many highlights, including the opportunity to network, hearing successful leaders opening up and speaking about their career paths and providing inspiration, as well as hearing personal stories, which were absolutely fascinating and highlighted strength and resilience.

Mandy Ibrahim
Head of Application Services

What has been a highlight for you of the CEW Leader’s Program?

The highlight of CEW would have to be the networking opportunity. Through the program you get to meet so many wonderful senior women within QBE and outside of QBE. Their journeys of struggle and success, to say the least, are fascinating and inspiring. I am grateful to QBE for this great opportunity to attend the program.