Information for repairers

Heavy vehicle repairer Request for Proposal

Registration is now closed. Shortlisted repairers should expect to receive the RFP (request for proposal) on 13 August 2018.

Any enquires relating to the registration questionnaire or RFP process should be emailed to

Becoming an accredited repairer

QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited is a member of the QBE Insurance Group. QBE Insurance Group is Australia’s largest global general insurance and reinsurance company, and one of the world’s top 20 international insurers and reinsurers in the world.

Our accredited repairers are fully qualified to serve our direct customers, fleets, brokers and corporate partners by providing safe, quality and efficient repairs to get them back on the road as soon as possible.

Our accredited repair network generally serves our needs at present, however we’re open to building legitimate partnerships with repairers who can demonstrate innovation, sustainability and alignment to repairing current and future vehicles. Any current opportunities are listed below.

We expect potential repairers to:

  • Demonstrate best practice solutions to repairing our customer vehicles

  • Offer priority service, high quality repairs and cost synergies

  • Have a convenient location

  • Employ qualified, competent and experienced personnel

  • Be legally compliant for probity checks within your business

  • Demonstrate the necessary facilities and equipment for QBE’s services

  • Have sustained business experience and practices with partners like QBE

  • Commit to working with QBE’s Motor Assessing systems and requirements

  • Comply with the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct and relevant state and federal law.

If you believe you meet these conditions, then please express your interest to QBE on

Please note: each repairer is measured on individual merit and submitting your application doesn’t guarantee approval.

Payment terms

We pay invoices within 30 days of receipt, provided they correspond with the authorised amount. If your invoice exceeds this amount please contact your QBE assessor.

Industry code of conduct

We adhere to the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct, a set of guidelines that promotes cooperation and transparency between insurers and repairers.

Repair dispute resolution

We’re committed to settling pre-repair disputes (under Section 10 of the code) within two business days. Contact your QBE assessor or claims manager for more information.