For GPs participating in the QBE IMPACT Program

The IMPACT Program encourages and remunerates participating GPs to spend more time with their CTP patients to assess and manage pain. The longer IMPACT consultations enable GPs to take a biopsychosocial approach to comprehensively assess and treat the many different factors that may impact an individual’s experience of pain.

After each IMPACT consult with a CTP patient, you should complete the IMPACT Clinical Summary Form below OR download the form and email to hss.team@uhg.com.au

If you need support and guidance in making clinical decisions related to the biopsychosocial approach to pain management, you can request a mentoring consult with a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician. You can also request case coordination support for your patients by ticking the appropriate box on the referral form. To request a Pain Specialist consult, please complete the Pain Specialist Template and email to impact@qbe.com

The IMPACT Patient Information Sheet can help you prepare patients for the IMPACT approach to pain management.

For more information about the IMPACT Program please email: impact@qbe.com