Workers Compensation customer video

Frequently asked questions

The email is sent to the person identified on the claim form as the employer contact.

If an employer contact is not identified from the claim form, we’ll send the email to the person who sent the claim form in.

The best person to watch the video is the worker’s line manager, or the person who is managing the day to day aspects of the claim at your workplace. This might be someone in a dedicated injury management role, or someone in your human resources division.

For our larger employers with dedicated injury management personnel, we encourage them to take note of the claim number and then forward the video to the worker’s line manager as the line manager has one of the biggest impacts on the outcome of a claim.

Yes, you can forward the email to someone else to watch.

The vast majority of claims will receive an email and video to watch.

Claims that will not receive an email and video include:

  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Fatality
  • Head/brain injury
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Nervous shock
  • Stress claims, and claims of a mental health nature


Try copying the URL into a different browser, like Google Chrome, or opening the video on your desktop computer, or laptop.

If the video still won't load, check your internet connection strength. Whatever happens don’t worry, we will be in contact with you soon.

Try watching the video once more. When you’re selecting your answers, make sure to:

  1. Only click the answer button once
  2. Wait for the hand icon to show before selecting your answer.


Yes, you will still receive an email containing the claim number - which you’ll need to claim reimbursements for invoices and wages - and the link to the video.

No, the claim will be processed as usual. However, your case manager may lose an opportunity to better understand your expectations and experience with managing claims.

Not answering the questions in the video may also decrease our accuracy with assessing the risk of this claim.

Yes, but we recommend completing the questions once only.

Repeatedly answering questions will generate extra records in our claim file that may not be accurate and could cause confusion.

Answers are recorded in our claim file. Our claims team will review your answers and work with you on a plan to manage the claim going forwards.

Your answers will also be captured by our risk profiling software that will help determine the risk level of this claim.