Our Trade Credit cover

If you sell goods or services on credit terms you're vulnerable to bad debt and payment defaults. Because no matter how carefully you run your business, debtors can be a problem.

Trade Credit insurance protects your cash-flow by covering your losses if a debtor defaults on payment or becomes insolvent, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business. The security it provides may also boost your borrowing capacity with your bank.

Our Trade Credit team looks after businesses of all sizes, from smaller local enterprises to large organisations with global scope. Our responsive, commercially-minded underwriters will design a credit solution that works for you. We also offer credit management tools and debtor alerts, both of which can help your business stay on track.

Trade Credit is available directly, through brokers and QBE authorised representatives. Need a broker? See our guide to finding the right broker.

Which cover is right for you?


Cover for your entire credit portfolio, including domestic and export customers. We offer a negotiable discretionary credit limit and can extend policies to cover offshore political risks and post-shipment contract repudiation, pre-shipment manufacturing risks and a range of industry-specific adaptations.

Excess of Loss

For businesses with strong internal credit management processes seeking cover for exceptional loss across their entire portfolio. Options include non-cancellable credit limits, high discretionary credit limit flexibility and a meaningful aggregate deductible.

Selective - Key Accounts

For businesses requiring protection on their largest debtors, with optional non-cancellable credit limits and deductibles.

Selective - Single Buyer

For quality credit risks only protecting an individual contract or debtor.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your client runs a registered business selling goods and services on credit terms (e.g. offering 30 days to pay) they’re vulnerable to bad debts and should consider the protection of Trade Credit insurance.

The non-payment of trade debts following insolvency (e.g. receivership, liquidation, and bankruptcy) and protracted default. If the trade debt is from an export transaction, the additional contract repudiation and various political risks can be included.

Yes, it’s designed to complement and support good credit management and help your client trade with confidence. We respond promptly to increases in credit limits and can help if a customer slows in paying an account.

No, it’s for business-to-business transactions, such as manufacturers selling to wholesalers, wholesalers to retailers or contractors to builders.

Premiums can be calculated as a percentage of your client’s turnover or on a fixed fee basis and are reflective of their industry, their debtors’ quality and whether their customers are local or international. We can generally tailor our products to meet both your client’s risk coverage requirements and budget.

We’ll ask you about the industry and location of your client’s larger debtors, the length of the terms of payment, history of bad debts and the credit control processes.

Claims are payable 30 days from our receipt of the Confirmation of Debt from the insolvency practitioner in charge of the failed debtor. Protracted default claims have a waiting period and require evidence of action taken to receive the amounts owed.

Yes, working across Australia, Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region, we’re able to offer policies on a local, regional or global basis.