27 Nov 2020
How QBE supported Wrightsair through 2020

How QBE supported Wrightsair through 2020

Trevor Wright built Wrightsair from scratch. What started as a few tin sheds in the desert has grown to become a unique tourism and charter flight business. But when COVID-19 sent the world into lockdown, it hit the business hard, and Wright looked to QBE to help him adapt to an uncertain 2020.

Hit hard by the pandemic

As a small tourism operator in South Australia’s William Creek, the pandemic impacted the business almost overnight, says Wright.

"COVID-19 for us has been like having a wave come over the top of you totally drenching you. Your projections have all gone out the window.

“You've had to go back to ground zero and completely look at your company and reprioritise how you do business.”

Working together to protect Wrightsair

As Wright's business plan shifted, so did his insurance. The QBE team quickly adjusted cover across the business's fleet of aircraft based on its unique needs and circumstances.

“All the way it's been a relationship with QBE that's made all the difference,” says Wright.

“They've been able to work with us, we've looked at the priority on the type of aircraft we've needed to use with our core business.

“They've gone through the policies with us, what we need to know, so we're running a very lean, mean machine until the economy picks up.”

The road to recovery

The road to recovery will take time and working with QBE through the journey will be key, says Wright.

“We need to be able to use our insurance company and the people that work for them as a resource moving forward as part of the big picture.

“COVID-19 is not going to end in five minutes. I know the team is there, and we know we can use them or bounce off them going forward.

“And that's really important, especially these days when there's so many demands put on small business.”

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