Press Release

QBE Australia launches flexible farm product

QBE Insurance Australia has launched a new flexible insurance product aimed at meeting the needs of farmers and rural communities.

The QBE Farm Pack is designed to insure farms of all sizes, types and with a wide variety of uses. It will be available from May 2, 2016.

Jason Clarke, Executive General Manager, Intermediary Distribution, QBE Australia and New Zealand said flexibility is central to the new product.

"The new QBE Farm Pack can be fully tailored to policy holders' specific situations.

"Farmers and their insurance brokers can now select the cover options and benefits that suit their local conditions and circumstances, which means they pay only for the cover they actually need.

"QBE Farm Pack offers increased cover limits, additional and optional benefits. Policy holders also now have the ability to choose a higher excess for a number of the covers which provides additional flexibility and reduced premium cost.

"QBE Farm Pack is available through your local insurance broker who can help tailor the policy to best meet your needs."

For further information please contact:
Samantha Baden
Senior Communications Specialist
QBE Australia
Phone: 02 9239 7889/0466 567 442