Press Release

QBE comment VCAT ruling

We understand the concerns expressed over mental health illness and empathise with all Australians who suffer from mental health illnesses.

The general insurance industry relies on insurers being able to price products appropriately to reflect the risks and, as such, the law in each jurisdiction recognises insurers are entitled to discriminate on this basis.

This determination is specific to the facts of this case, including technical data, and the jurisdiction is limited to Victoria.

Mental health illness is a broad issue for the community and one we all need to work together on.

We are still working through the ruling to understand its implications and will be giving further consideration in the weeks ahead.

It's important to note those suffering from a mental health illness can obtain travel insurance from QBE and be covered for incidents such as lost luggage, theft, accident resulting in injury and cancelled flights in circumstances unrelated to their existing illness.

With a significant number of Australians suffering from mental health illnesses to some degree in any given year, to provide travel insurance cover for mental health illness would significantly increase the cost of travel insurance premiums for the whole community.

We believe there is a strong need for wider engagement to discuss the growing issue of mental health illnesses in the community, including insurance and QBE is committed to continuing to work with the insurance body, the Insurance Council of Australia.

We would welcome further engagement with the medical profession, other government and non-government agencies to work together on this fundamental community issue which affects so many.