Press Release

QBE Insurance appoints interim CEO for Australian and New Zealand Operations

QBE Insurance today announced the appointment of Inder Singh, who is currently Chief Financial Officer of its Australian and New Zealand Operations (ANZO) as interim ANZO Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 November.

This follows the recent announcement that Pat Regan, currently ANZO CEO, will take over from John Neal as Group CEO of QBE from 1 January 2018.

A search for a permanent CEO for ANZO has commenced, but given it’s unlikely a replacement will be found before Mr Regan commences his new role, an interim solution has been implemented for the transition period.

Mr Singh will continue the momentum the ANZO business has built on financial performance and will be specifically supported in the management of the business by the two heads of distribution, Andrew Broughton, Executive General Manager Consumer and Retail Partnerships and Jason Clarke, Executive General Manager Intermediary Distribution.

Mr Regan said all three leaders were well versed in the ANZO strategy and were instrumental in its development, along with other leaders in the business. He said he would remain on hand to lend support as needed.

“I’m very confident in Inder and the wider leadership team in leading us through this transition period, continuing to focus on the great work we’ve been undertaking to set the business up for the future and successfully deliver on our plan for 2018 and beyond,” Mr Regan said.

“With these leaders in place, we can be sure that the teams continue their focus on performance and that our customers and partners remain at the heart of what we do,” he said.

Mr Regan added that the appointment of a permanent CEO for ANZO would be one of his top priorities and progress had already been made in seeking out suitable candidates.

For further information please contact:
Kate Sinclair
External Communications Manager
QBE Australia
Phone: 0435 688 785