Press Release

QBE Australia's comment on Travel Policy

As with many other insurers, QBE Australia's travel insurance policy is subject to terms and conditions and mental illness is listed as an exclusion under the Policy.

We understand the concerns being expressed over mental health illness and empathise with all Australians who suffer from mental health illnesses.

It's important to note that we do provide travel insurance to those suffering from a mental health illness, providing them with cover for those incidents travel insurance primarily exists to provide protection against, such as lost luggage, theft, accident resulting in injury and cancelled/missed flights.

Insurance relies on the insurer making an assessment of risk.

With a significant number of Australians suffering from mental health illnesses to some degree in any given year, to provide travel insurance cover for mental health illness would significantly increase the cost of travel insurance premiums for the whole community, not just those suffering from a mental illness, due to increased claims costs.

QBE sought an injunction in relation to this case, as we wanted to ensure a fair hearing for both parties. We confirmed to media we are very happy to comment after the hearing.