30 Oct 2020
Before the holiday season checklist: 10 steps to prepare

Before the holiday season checklist: 10 steps to prepare

The holiday season is fast approaching, but is your business ready? From closing down to preparing for the busiest time of the year, here are the things you need to think about well in advance.

▢ Check your windows and doors

Crime can increase during the holiday season, so check your windows and doors aren’t offering an opportunist an easy route in.

▢ Ensure your alarm is working properly

An alarm can be something you assume is working and that it’s just not been needed for a while. Test your alarm is functioning correctly and any back-to-base arrangement is still current.

▢ Remove valuables from premises if possible – or put them out of sight

If you can take valuables such as computers home for the holiday, do so. If not, put valuables out of sight and secure them safely.

▢ Make sure you have enough stock to cope with demand – and store it well

If you’re upping your stock levels for a seasonal increase in trade, make sure they’re stored correctly and your insurance will cover it. Sitting stock on the floor may seem harmless, but a flood will quickly challenge that idea.

▢ Recruit seasonal staff

Make your staffing plans early to give you time to interview and reference check suitable candidates.

▢ Review induction processes to include COVID-19

Ensure all staff are fully aware of your COVID-19 policies and can carry them out without supervision. Customers gain confidence from a clear and visible COVID-19 plan.

▢ Identify staff members who may need additional support

This holiday season has the added emotional strain for many of being separated from family. Check-in with vulnerable employees and arrange some staff get-togethers if appropriate.

▢ Schedule a drive-by

If you’re leaving premises unattended, put a regular drive-by in the diary. If you’re leaving town, ask a friend or colleague.

▢ Conduct some property maintenance

Ensure your premises are well maintained to decrease the chances of natural disasters impacting. Clear out the gutters, cut back nearby trees and have sandbags handy.

▢ Maintain contact!

Whether you’re shutting up shop for a week or two, having a break while others do the work or working through, make sure the people who need to contact you in an emergency can do.

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This checklist was compiled based on information available to QBE on or before September 2020. The general advice in this checklist has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You must decide whether or not it is appropriate, in light of your own circumstances, to act on this advice. This guide does not form part of any insurance policy and is not used in the assessment of insurance claims. Any insurance claim will be assessed against the policy terms and conditions and applicable law.

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