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Our smash repairer network helped Mary after her car was vandalised

When Mary Leather’s car was badly vandalised, QBE put her in touch with a member of our Accredited Smash Repairer Network.

QBE’s national network consists of high quality smash repairers who meet QBE’s high standards of technical expertise and customer service.


A QBE claims officer connected Mary with network member Super Tek Collision Repairs in Thornbury, Victoria, owned and operated by Terry Carpenter (pictured).

“My car had been vandalised very badly and naturally I was very upset at the horrible damage inflicted,” Ms Leather said.

“Terry and his team were caring, sympathetic, and did an amazing job in fixing my car and making it brand new again.

“Their customer service was wonderful and reassuring. I want to thank Terry and his great team for making me feel confident about driving my car again and taking the time to care about me and my car.

“There are some decent kind people in this world and I would strongly recommend anyone with car damage or car problems to seek their help.”

Super Tek Collision Repairs owner Terry Carpenter said he was glad he could turn around a difficult situation for Ms Leather.

“We appreciate our relationship with QBE which has been long standing,” said Mr Carpenter.

“We make good decisions based on our long-term goals and my relationship with our staff and customers means more than profit. 

“The feedback we got from Mary and all the reviews left by our customers on our website mean a great deal to me personally and to our company.”

Find out more about QBE’s Accredited Smash Repairer Network.

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