Sending us the right information upfront can help us speed up the process, so you can deliver even better service to your customers.

Our Minimum Information Guidelines (MIG) will assist you in providing a complete quote request and improve quote turnaround times.

Guides have been created for the following products:


Accident and Health

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Carriers Load

Minimum Information Guide - Truck on highway

Commercial Motor

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Commercial Packages

Construction quote info guide banner - workmen on building site


Liability quote info guide banner - Woman and man checking stock in a warehouse


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Workers Compensation

Other useful information

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QBE system tips

We've developed these useful tips and guides to save you time and help you service your customers faster.

How to stay connected on cyber insurance

Our claims process

Select a product to find out what to do and what is needed to get the claim started.

Q Academy

Learn more about QBE products, risk insights and business support through our Q Academy.