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We have specialists with expertise in property, motor, liability and people risk. Our team focuses on delivering their knowledge to help you and your customers manage risk before it happens, to avoid large losses.

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Rob Kosova, QBE General Manager People Risk and Risk Management Services

Rob Kosova
QBE General Manager, People Risk and Risk Solutions

Rob has worked in risk and insurance management for 20 years. His personal leadership purpose is to be a curious and kind human who supports and challenges people to always do what’s right and inspires them to realise previously unimagined potential.

As General Manager for People Risk at QBE Insurance (Australia), a combination of Workers Compensation and Accident & Health, Rob and the team are focused on how they can give customers the confidence to achieve their people risk ambitions today, tomorrow and into the future.

Prior to his role at QBE, Rob worked for approximately 8 years on the customer side as a GM of Risk and Insurance and 10 years on the insurance broking side.

Rob is a member of the QBE Foundation, a Committee that oversees QBE’s charitable and community sponsorships and programs. A director on the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) Board. A member of the Risk Management Advisory Board to the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF). A Mentor for National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO), supporting a world where women and men can be equally represented and valued at every level by inspiring and encouraging women.


Matthew Fermanis, Head of Risk Solutions, QBE

Matthew Fermanis
QBE Head of Risk Solutions

Matthew has more than 18 years' experience in the general insurance industry. He is an experienced leader with strong knowledge in technology, operations management, business transformation, corporate governance and risk management.

Matthew values the importance of risk management in any organisation, which is why he and the team are committed to partnering with customers to help them understand their risks and provide tailored risk management solutions to prevent and mitigate risks.


Ken Arthur, QBE National Risk Manager - Fleet

Ken Arthur
QBE National Risk Manager - Fleet

Ken grew up around vehicles and has been a professional race car driver. He is passionate about educating people on safe driver principles and has a unique approach of exploring driver behaviours. Ken has worked in the Fleet and Motor Risk Management space for over 25 years and continues to invest in understanding new and innovative approaches to support customers.


Robert Dipierdomenico, QBE National Risk Manager - Fleet

Robert Dipierdomenico
QBE National Risk Manager - Fleet

Robert has a background in claims management and understands the impact a claim can have on a business. He was worked in the motor risk management space since 2015 and is an advocate for using data to understand what is going on and providing support to customers through education, motivation, and awareness of safe driving habits.


Craig Rodger, QBE Manager Risk Engineering

Craig Rogers
QBE Manager - Risk Engineering

Craig manages the QBE Australia Risk Engineering team, covering property and liability risks, drawing on both industry (construction and services) and insurance experience (broker and insurer) he has obtained across multiple countries. Craig’s risk engineering experience includes industrial, storage, leisure, technology and healthcare occupancies, focusing on loss prevention measures and fire protection design.


Manchu Mahalingam, QBE Risk Engineer

Manchu Mahalingam
QBE Senior Risk Engineer

Manchu is an experienced risk engineer with a focus on property and liability. His experience within the insurance industry includes Claims, Portfolio/Product Management and Risk Engineering/Consulting. Manchu holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & Material Engineering.


David Middleton, QBE Team Leader – Risk Engineering

David Middleton
QBE Team Leader – Risk Engineering

David is a Risk Engineer who leads the QBE Risk Consulting team within Australia, as part of the wider QBE Risk Solutions offering. He has worked with QBE since 2015, including with a number of large customers with a focus on assets protection, specifically security, construction, fire protection and fire detection. David’s knowledge of risk management allows him to assist the customer, broker and underwriter with their individual needs, resulting in a positive outcome for all involved.


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Fleet risk management solutions

Our fleet risk management solutions team supports businesses that use vehicles in their daily operations, whether they are small family operations or large corporate fleets they are there to support customers keep their people safe and protect their vehicles assets.

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Property risk solutions

Property risks can vary. They can include asset damage, interruption to business operations, damage to neighbouring properties and supply chain interruptions, all of which can also impact the business' reputation. Our team of specialists can work with you to manage the risk.

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RiskAdvance is our risk management platform to assist customers with managing and mitigating their risks. It offers a range of risk management solutions based on customers’ needs including online and in person risk surveys, risk improvement reporting and risk-insights.