Construction can be a risky business. Aside from exposure to the elements and the community, there are a number of events that can impact on the timing and profitability of a project.

QBE Construction insurance is flexible enough for projects of all sizes. Whether your client is building a duplex or a depot, we can provide the comprehensive protection they need.

Our products

Construction/Liability (annual)

Broad year-round protection incorporating liability and damage to property and sites, tailored to fit your construction clients’ needs.

We cover:

  • Building risks – from single dwellings to multi-storey residential, industrial and retail developments
  • Civil risks – for bridge construction and other civil contracts
  • Erection risks – ranging from air conditioning systems to mine processing equipment.

Construction/Liability (one-off)

Ideal for clients who only complete one or a few projects each year, this flexible policy offers the same benefits as our annual cover.

Contract Works

Our cover is designed for builders and contractors and helps ensure that key elements such as project materials and contractor tools are covered, not just on-site but between sites. Your client's business is even covered while they are off-site or tendering for other projects.

Machinery and Electronic Equipment

Gives industrial, commercial, rural and government clients peace of mind that equipment being operated by them is covered against a range of risks. The policy covers the electrical and mechanical elements of items such as boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipe systems and includes liability, clean-up, temporary hire and freight costs. We also cover electronic equipment and computers.

Your client might also be interested in

Workers Compensation

Essential cover for your client's workers, delivered by experts. We also provide specialist training and advice to help your client's people and business thrive.

Accident and Health

Protection from the financial fallout of injuries or illness, such as loss of income and medical bills. For individuals, businesses, contractors, volunteers and more.

Contract Bonds

QBE Contract Bonds can help your client secure performance and other contract-related obligations, without having to provide tangible collateral or security. This can free up working capital, increase liquidity and allow them to take on new projects.

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