Risks can come in many forms and it’s an important part of any business plan and insurance program to consider how to manage it.

At QBE we aim to help you Before & After you need us so that you can avoid unnecessary loss and reputation damage.

Learn how to understand and manage risk by exploring our risk insights, developed by QBE specialists.

Businessman and business woman working together at the office using laptop and documents

General risk insights

Understand emerging risks and key factors impacting the market.

Heavy rain floods Melbourne CBD. Melbourne, Australia

CAT risk insights and tips

Natural catastrophes are prevalent in Australia. Find out what can be done before and after a CAT event to help manage risks.

Aerial top view harvester machine working in rice fields

Farm risks insights

Gain insights on how to reduce and manage farm risks, including what topical farm risks are.

View from the car's back seat of the driver's hand on the steering wheel and a rear area video camera on the dashboard

Motor risk insights

Learn what the risks are for vehicle fleets and what solutions are available to manage driver safety and protect assets. 

People risk insights

People are a company's most important asset. Understand the key people risks and management solutions, and stay up to date with the latest industry knowledge.

Modern office building close up in sunlight

Property risk insights

Protecting property is ongoing. Learn the key risk factors and how to manage them.