Aviation insurance

Flexible cover for aircraft owners, pilots, operators, maintenance organisations, airports, aviation businesses and more.

Aviation presents your client with a unique set of risks – our specialist team is on-hand to cover them.

We’ll work with you to assess your client’s needs and design an insurance solution that enables them to operate with confidence. If they need to make a claim our fast, efficient claims service will help them get back to business with minimum disruption. Our risk management and accident prevention advice offers added value.

We provide aviation insurance across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Contact us for a quote.

Changes to CASA’s regulation regarding the use of small RPAs

On 29th September 2016, CASA’s regulations around the use of small RPAs for commercial purposes were relaxed. This does not mean that the serious liability implications under the Damage by Aircraft Act are any less. To find out more about these changes, read the FAQ and refer to the useful links below.

Ensure that you not only understand the changes, but also that you or your clients have the cover to help manage the risks associated with using a remotely piloted aircraft for commercial purposes.

Read our guide regarding the changes for more information.

Other useful links:

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Our products

Aircraft Hull and Liability

Primary insurance for aircraft big and small, from planes to gliders and RPAs (remotely piloted aircraft). Covers damage to your client’s aircraft, plus third party and passenger liability.

Aircraft Non-Ownership Liability

Protection for private pilots, charter operators and other non-owners. Covers damage to aircraft, plus third party and passenger liability.

Aircraft Aerial Application Liability

Designed for aerial agriculture businesses, this option covers industry-specific risks, such as chemical drift from crop spraying.

Hangarkeeper’s Liability

Covers businesses operating in and around airports for aircraft and equipment in care, custody or control, the sale of aircraft and spares, and aircraft servicing or overhaul.

Aviation Business Pack

Broad aviation property and business insurance. Works in tandem with your client’s Hull or Hangarkeeper’s cover or as a standalone policy.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems cover

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), otherwise known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems or drone operations, vary significantly. Cover extends to accidental damage, including whilst in use, plus personal injury and property claims as a result of an RPAS accident. Individual options available on request.

Specialist cover

Cover for ground handlers, refuellers and businesses operating in or around airports. Plus a war/political risk option for Aircraft Hull and Liability policyholders.