Your minimum information checklist

Sending us the right information upfront can help us speed up the process, so you can deliver even better service to your customers.

Below is a list of the minimum information required to complete an initial assessment. Please note our underwriters may request additional information specific to your customer in some cases.

Type of premium structures

  • Conventional (flat rated)

Information required

  • Holding Intermediary & Underwriter
  • Period of insurance
  • Minimum 3 years claims history/excesses
  • Prior years vehicle numbers
  • Prior years excesses
  • Business operation/occupation risk split (percentage long haul, short haul, occupation)
  • Vehicle schedule (including sums insured for all units excluding Sedans/Utes) and the state vehicle split if applicable
  • Hazardous goods information (MSDS Labels) – where DG required

Additional beneficial information

  • Radius limit/split
  • Freight task split/occupation
  • Depot security details
  • Driver details of large claims, or repeat claims
  • Accumulation limit
  • Risk management procedures
  • Turnover

Preferred risks

  • Fleets with at least 12 units
  • Fleets with 3 years claims history, preferably 5 years
  • Fleets with constant claims history that can be accurately trended/constant exposure (like for like vehicles/values)
  • Mixed fleets (light, heavy)
  • Fleets operating < 1,000 km radius as ordinary course of business

Non-preferred risks

  • Livestock & refrigerated >600 km
  • Fuel carriers
  • Logging
  • Taxi / Hire Cars / Limousines
  • Removalists
  • Plant/Machinery > 30% of schedule
  • Underground operations
  • Railway trackside vehicle operation
  • Predominantly Off-Road Work (4 X 4)
  • Buses
  • Harvesters
  • Caravans – unless accommodation to a fleet
  • Motorcycles – unless accommodation to a fleet
  • New ventures – less than 2 years
  • Heavy vehicle fleets > 1,000 km radius
  • Emergency services
  • Coal operations - Declined

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This information is prepared for customers of QBE and their customers. It provides general information only. It does not take into account matters specific to your business. You should always seek independent professional advice before acting upon anything in this document. No part of this publication can be reproduced without the written permission of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035. Normal underwriting terms and conditions apply. Consider the Policy Wordings to see if the product is right for your customer.