Support your customers with the right information at claim time

Marine customers are exposed to a wide range of risks. Whether they’re transporting goods or operating a commercial hull or private vessel, providing marine services is specialised, and it’s the same for managing claims. Our dedicated claims professionals are experienced in marine claims and are backed by a strong internal and external network of subject matter experts.

Lodging a claim

To ensure your customer’s claim runs as smoothly as possible, be sure to have the right information included in the claim lodgement. We have put together the following information as a guide, which should assist in expediting the claim. QBE may request further information upon lodgement of the claim.

Marine Import, Export and Inland Cargo claims

  • Completed Marine cargo/goods in transit claim form
  • House and/or Ocean Bill of Landing, Air Waybill or Consignment Note, including terms and conditions on reverse side
  • Commercial invoice
  • Freight invoice
  • Packing list
  • Customs entry documents (Imports)
  • Letter of claim lodged by Insured against the carrier/response
  • Proof of delivery document
  • Disposal certificate (if goods already disposed of)
  • Repair quotation if applicable
  • Photos of the damaged goods and/or container
  • Clean-up/removal of debris invoices
  • Salvage details

Carriers claims

  • Completed Carriers combined load claim form
  • Consignment note (legible copies front and back)
  • Sales invoice/purchase invoice/commercial invoice (for the damaged goods, not for the replacement goods)
  • Repair/replacement quotations if applicable
  • Clean-up/removal of debris invoices
  • Disposal certificate (if goods already disposed of)
  • Photos of damage, if any
  • Police report (if applicable)
  • Demands by cargo owners against insured
  • Driver’s licence, if the driver was an employee of the insured
  • Truck and/or trailer registration papers, if insured’s truck/trailer
  • Details of any negligent third party (if applicable)
  • Demands on any subcontractors/response, as well as contractual terms and conditions

Commercial hull claims

  • Completed Commercial hull and boat claim form
  • Skipper’s commercial licence
  • Certificate of Survey/Operation
  • Marine Incident report
  • Repair/replacement quotations
  • Photos of damages
  • Maintenance records

Pleasure craft claims

  • Completed Commercial hull and boat claim form
  • Licence of person operating the vessel
  • Repair/replacement quotation
  • Photos of damages
  • Maintenance records
  • Details of negligent third party (if applicable)

More information and support

All claims can be submitted to marineclaims@qbe.com

If you have any questions speak to your claim contact or relationship manager.


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