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Q-Dash: Modernising our Workers Compensation reporting

To ensure we have the right systems in place to set us up for the future and to maintain our commitment to data security, we’re moving QBE Connect reports into our strategic business intelligence platform – Power BI.

If you’re a QBE insurance partner and would like access to our Q Dash reports, please contact your Business Relationship Manager.

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Why self-regulation is invaluable in business

The ability to be emotionally and behaviourally flexible is important in business. Find out how the skill of self regulation can be learned and developed.

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How to control the controllables and have business success

With so much happening in the world, how can you focus on what you can control and find business success?

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Communication tips for working in a virtual world

From friendly email introductions to using emojis during a video call – there’s a lot to bear in mind when communicating in a digital work world.

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Take control of your personal brand

What is personal brand? QBE’s Morgana Waters says it can be summed up in one sentence, “It’s what people say when we’ve left the room.” The Organisational Development and Employee Experience General Manager shares her insights into why personal brand matters and what we can do to take control of it in a changing digital world.

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Boosting leadership through self-care

We all want a greater sense of balance in our lives. What leaders commit to and prioritise in their self-care can positively impact on their well-being, restore efficiency and boost quality of life.

Self Care – Worksheet
Life is full, carving time out to look after yourself is one of the priorities that often gets dropped, self-care can be small moments in a day that becomes a lifelong habit. We have created a simple plan for you to use to start putting self-care at the top of the priority list. There is a digital version to do on your computer or a version you can print and complete.