Why use QBE’s Motor Supplier Network?

  • Our repairers provide priority service to QBE customers
  • Faster claims
  • Australia-wide coverage and consistent customer service
  • Additional mobility services like taxi vouchers or drop off and pick up locations.

Our Accredited Smash Repairer Network (ASR) gets customers across Australia back on the road up to 40% faster than repairers outside the network, with access to a simplified Self-Assessing process, the latest technology and knowledge for high-quality repairs.


  • Quotes are no longer required when using our ASR network.
  • Customers receive a call within four business hours
  • Onsite assessments and immediate repair authorisations up to $10,000*
  • Taxi vouchers for travel to and from the repairer ($50 each way)
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs.

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*Subject to parts availability and Self-Assessing criteria being met.

Our Heavy Vehicle Repairer Network gives QBE customers access to specialist assessors, quality repairs and service around Australia for heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonne, excluding farm and excavating machinery.


  • Onsite assessments resulting in faster turnaround times
  • No delay in commencement of repairs*
  • Quality service closely monitored by a QBE Partner Relationship Manager
  • Taxi vouchers for travel to and from the repairer ($50 each way)
  • Towing capability in all areas
  • The latest in equipment, technology and industry knowledge

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*Subject to parts availability and Self Assessing criteria being met.

Our Accredited Motorcycle Repairer (AMR) network offers QBE customers a faster start on repairs to get moving again.*


Your QBE accredited motorcycle repairer will:

  • Aim to call you within one business day
  • Start your approved repairs faster*
  • Provide a premium service including a motorcycle wash and clean

Our AMR’s are experts in all leading motorcycle brands. QBE also provides a lifetime guarantee for all authorised repairs.

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*Repairs must meet our pre-approval and self-assessing criteria. Repairs are also subject to parts availability.

When a QBE customer uses our Hail Repairer Network, QBE manages the entire claims and repair process through our partnership with Action Smart Group, ensuring fast and high-quality repairs by hail damage experts around Australia.


  • Customer contact within 24 hours
  • QBE lifetime repair guarantee
  • Wash and vacuum provided
  • Taxi vouchers for travel to and from the repairer ($50 each way)
  • Priority and efficient service
  • Specialist repairs in Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and conventional hail repairs.

To access our Hail Repairer Network, call us on 1800 023 387.

QBE’s National Towing Network offers fast, 24/7 emergency towing services for all passenger and light commercial vehicles, light commercial trucks, heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonne, motorcycles, caravans, farm equipment and machinery.


  • Accident scene management where required
  • Available on salvage tows, follow-up tows or trade tows
  • Heavy vehicle towing and recovery
  • Rural and regional areas included.
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QBE partners with Avis Budget Group to provide priority service and competitively priced hire cars to QBE customers nationally, including QBE insured customers* as well as third-parties’ replacement vehicles.


  • Competitive hire car rates
  • The largest fleet of insurance replacement vehicles in the Australian market
  • Nationwide coverage, including rural and regional areas
  • Make, view and amend bookings online or over the phone.


*Available to QBE customers with Hire Car included in their policy and for not at fault customers

QBE partners with O’Brien to offer QBE customers expert service using the latest windscreen replacement and repair technology – offering a solution that’s faster, virtually invisible, and more cost-effective than replacing a whole windscreen.


  • Australia-wide coverage through a leading windscreen repairer
  • Largest network of both fixed and mobile installers nationally
  • Inhouse windscreen electronics recalibration for most makes and models
  • Fast response times for emergencies
  • Repairs can be done in minutes at work or home.
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Hail repairer network banner - car being assessed by a technician under a light tunnel to locate all damage

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