When your customer's claim requires restoration services or a builder to repair damage to their property, QBE can simplify the process with our recommended restorers or builders.

We understand that customer needs are unique, so we have partnered with a range of suppliers with a strong focus on regional, remote and metro representation, who can offer speciality services relevant to the claim. From small residential repairs to complex commercial losses, be assured that the builders on our panel can look after your customer’s claim.

Restoration services

QBE’s panel restorers mobilise and work quickly to ensure a safe environment for your customers, removing contaminants, returning the environment to a pre-loss state and allowing repair work to begin.

This can include the restoration of removable property to its former condition, or mitigation activities to minimise further damage, including drying and mould removal.

You can search for a QBE accredited restorer using the Repairer Finder Tool.

Building services

Our building partners can assist from simple repairs to the properties of residential customers to complex commercial losses.

Our relationship with our recommended restorers and builders means they have plenty of experience servicing QBE claims. In addition, we closely monitor the performance of our recommended suppliers to ensure the best outcome for your customers.

You can search for a QBE accredited builder using the Repairer Finder Tool.

Loss adjuster services

Sedgwick is QBE’s preferred supplier of loss adjusting services for Australian property claims. Our partnership approach allows us to drive a responsive, high quality and customer-centred service for your customers.

This includes priority access to loss adjuster services, including during catastrophe events.

Builders panel

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