Flexible, tailored liability products to protect your client from the impact of legal action.

Legal action arising from your client’s business activities can be costly. Our experienced underwriters offer liability solutions across a broad range of medium-sized, commercial, corporate and multinational businesses.

We’ll design coverage to meet your client’s needs – our responsive team also provides the highest level of service.

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Product cover

General Public and Liability

Primary cover for personal injury, property damage and advertising liability.

We offer:

  • Significant in-house capacity of $50 million and greater upon request
  • Market competitive wording coverage
  • Manuscript capability tailored to specific needs
  • USA and Canada exports cover
  • Goods in Care, Custody and Control sub-limited.

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Umbrella Liability

Tailored protection to meet potential coverage gaps for a broad range of business types.

Combined Liability

Covers General and Professional Liability, focusing on customers with a primary General Liability exposure and an incidental Professional Services exposure.

Excess Liability (Follow Form)

Follow form protection designed to meet the sophisticated needs of clients across a diverse range of industries and products.

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