Insurance calculators

Our home and contents calculators will help your client avoid underinsurance.

To get the most out of their Home and Contents insurance your client needs enough cover to rebuild their home or replace their belongings. Our calculators will help them determine their sum insured.


Our home insurance calculator will estimate the cost of rebuilding their home (which isn’t the same as its real estate value). The estimate will reflect the location and size of the home, and the materials and labour needed. It will also factor in costs that are often overlooked, such as architect and surveyors’ fees and removing debris.

For complete peace of mind your client can also get a valuation from a quantity surveyor or other qualified professional.

Building Sum Insured Safeguard

Our Building Sum Insured Safeguard is an added benefit. If your client’s home is a total loss and they’ve used our home calculator correctly to set their sum insured – but our estimate has fallen short – we’ll cover up to 30% more than their sum insured.

Bushfire risk

If your client lives in an area that’s prone to bushfires they may need to factor in the cost of implementing additional bushfire protection measures following a major or total loss. This can be costly – in some cases homeowners have had to boost their sum insured by more than $250,000.

The level of additional bushfire protection needed depends on your client’s Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). A BAL assessment will help to establish how much extra cover they need. This figure should be added to the estimate generated by our home calculator to determine their sum insured.  

On renewal

We recommend your client reviews their sum insured each year, to take varying costs and any recent renovations into account.


Our contents insurance calculator will estimate the cost of replacing your client’s belongings. The estimate will reflect the value of their possessions, including higher risk items such as jewellery, electronics and gadgets. Our Contents insurance includes new-for-old replacement on most items.

On renewal

We recommend your client reviews their sum insured each year, to factor in varying costs and new purchases.