Business Interruption claims lodgement FAQs

Business Interruption arising from COVID-19 claims for packaged products such as Business Pack and Farm Pack can be lodged using the express tool.
It takes 1-2 minutes to lodge a claim and you will receive a claim number instantly

For the online express claims form you need to provide the policy number and date the effects began for the impacted business.

Once you have a claim number you will need to provide the relevant supporting information associated with the claim as you usually would.

Using the claims form means you will receive a claim number and then be able to upload relevant documents.
Yes, to ensure we protect a claimant’s privacy, you need to be logged in to enable authentication.
C.change access is required to access this online express claims form. If you don’t have access, please email
Please use Google Chrome as your browser.
No. This online express claims form has been specifically designed for COVID-19 related Business Interruption claims.