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If you, or one of your people, causes a motor vehicle accident in which someone else is injured, your CTP insurance covers the cost of their compensation claim. This includes other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders. It doesn’t cover damage to your, or anyone else’s, vehicles or property – for that you’ll need Commercial Motor insurance.

In New South Wales you need to get your CTP before you register your vehicles. If you’re covering fewer than 10 you can get a quote online right away.

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If you’re covering 10 or more vehicles email us for a quote or contact your broker. Need a broker? See our guide to finding the right broker.

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CTP insurance is compulsory insurance privately underwritten by licensed insurers. It compensates third parties for bodily injury caused by other negligent ‘at-fault’ drivers. This cover includes the driver(s) and passengers in other vehicle(s) involved in the accident, passengers in your vehicle, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders. It also provides more limited benefits to the at-fault driver themselves.

The NSW Government legislated in 1942 for CTP insurance to be made compulsory and provide protection to people injured as a result of the actions of other negligent drivers. The intention of CTP coverage is to protect the injured person for ongoing medical and hospital costs, general damages, loss of income and, in the case of severe injuries, the ongoing care of the injured person, which may be for the rest of their life.

As the title suggests, a third party is everyone else involved in the accident which includes the drivers and passengers of all vehicles involved, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders.

Your CTP policy covers the cost of injuries to third parties if the person driving your vehicle is at-fault.

Your CTP policy only covers claims made against you for injuries to third parties in an accident. While it also provides limited benefits to the at-fault driver, it doesn’t cover any accidental damage to other vehicles or to property, nor any damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident.

If you’re at fault in the accident, then you’ll only have limited cover under NSW CTP Legislation. Recent legislative changes mean you may be eligible for benefits under the Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) legislation if your injuries are severe, but these benefits only cover medical and rehabilitation services, and not loss of income or general damages.

As long as your vehicle is currently registered and therefore has a CTP policy in force, claims against you for negligent driving will be managed on your behalf by your CTP insurer.

CTP insurance costs are determined by each insurer and governed by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Premiums are published by SIRA on its website. Rates take into account the frequency of accidents and average claims costs for the class of vehicle, whether or not the owner has a right to claim a GST Input Tax Credit and an amount for the insurer's administration and claims handling costs.

Yes, business premiums (which have an Input Tax Credit entitlement) will provide you with a tax invoice and you can claim the GST.

There are differences in service levels and premiums. Some insurers may offer additional benefits or coverage.

If you’re covering fewer than 10 vehicles you can get a quote online. For 10 or more contact us or talk to your broker.

If your Green Slip has been used to register your car, it remains linked to the registration of your car for the registration term. Policy cancellation is only possible if you hand in your car’s registration plates to Transport for NSW. You can’t cancel a Green Slip and seek a refund if you change your mind. As long as your car is registered with Transport for NSW, your policy must remain in force.
If your car is registered when you sell it, your Green Slip insurance automatically transfers to the new owner. You’ll receive a refund from your insurer when you hand your plates into NSW Services.

The Lifetime Care and Support Scheme was established under the Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care & Support) Act 2006 to provide treatment, rehabilitation and attendant care to people who have been severely injured in a motor accident regardless of who was at fault. Eligibility for the Scheme is determined by the severity of the person’s injuries. Most people who are eligible have a spinal cord injury, a moderate to severe brain injury or in some cases serious burns or amputations.

The Scheme applies to all severely injured people and is administered by the Lifetime Care & Support Authority. There are levies in your total premium which fund this scheme. Refer to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority for more information.

Yes, our CTP Fleet Online system allows you to buy CTP insurance for your approved fleet.

A fleet is 10 or more vehicles.

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