Car insurance policy documents

If this applies to you, you should have one of these Product Disclosure Statement (PDS):

Policies newly purchased from 15 June 2020 up to 4 April 2021

Policies renewed with a start date of on or after 11 April 2021

Policies newly purchased from 1 July 2019 up to 14 June 2020 (even if the chosen start date was from 15 June 2020 onward) or renewed from 12 August 2019 onward



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Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
The PDS contains most of the terms and conditions of the insurance product we offer. Read the PDS if you are interested in understanding what’s covered and what’s not.

Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS)
Contains updates to the PDS.

Additional Information Guide (AIG)
The AIG provides additional information about how we set premium, how excesses work and how we pay claims.

Certificate of Insurance
If you purchase a QBE insurance policy, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. It contains the specific information about the people and property insured.

Target Market Determination (TMD)
A TMD is a document that describes the type of consumers the product has been designed for based on their likely needs, objectives and financial situation (target market). Find out more