When applying for a role at QBE, you may be asking yourself "when might you be required to work from the office or when do you work remotely?" At QBE we have introduced what we call 'Hybrid Working'. Hybrid working is a mix of working in the office and at home.

Our hybrid ways of working are built on addressing three core aspects of people and performance - the work we do, working as a team and working at my best.

1. The work we do

Hybrid working week iconThe work we do sets the context for where, when and how we work. This includes considering the nature of the work we need to do, what is required, our purpose for the day, what our stakeholders and customers need, what good looks like and how to best achieve these outcomes.

At QBE we:

  • Trust people and empower teams to deliver
  • Prioritise connection and collaboration
  • Put customers at the centre of how we flex
  • Respect flexibility as a two-way street
  • Recognise flex is different for every person, role, and team.

For example…

Home iconIf you need to focus on an independent piece of work, you may choose to work remotely in your own space.

Team iconIf your team needs to brainstorm to creatively problem solve, it may be best to be physically together.

2. Working as a team

Together we can achieve more than when we work alone. This includes being conscious of how, when and where we connect and collaborate, how we build relationships, how we add value and how we create safety and belonging. 


3. Working at my best

Hybrid working purpose in when and how we connectIndividually, I give my best and grow in return. This includes deliberate practices to enable me to be at my best, being clear about my role and what's expected of me, speaking up to contribute my voice and ideas, building meaningful connections with others and continuing to learn and grow.