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Everything we do at QBE is underpinned by our DNA – because we know it's not just what we do that matters, it's how we do it that makes the difference.

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Hybrid working

QBE recognises that the way we work has changed and continues to change. Because of this, we have introduced Hybrid Working. Our hybrid ways of working are built on addressing three core aspects of people and performance - the work we do, working as a team and working at my best.

At QBE, inclusion and belonging are part of our culture. We create an environment where our people feel safe to speak up and to be their best selves everyday.
 People marching with a large rainbow flag in a Gay Pride parade


At QBE, we believe that our people are able to be at their best when they are within an environment that supports them to bring their true authentic selves to work.

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At QBE, we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to work, which is why we offer accessibility and workplace adjustments, to provide you with the individual support you may need to thrive.

"Flight" artwork by Ella Gillespie.


Our vision for reconciliation is to embed an understanding of our shared past where all Australians are united together to celebrate, acknowledge and respect the contribution of Australia’s First Peoples.

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Gender equality

At QBE, we are committed to a workplace culture where all of our people are supported to achieve their career aspirations and are able to thrive at work and at home.

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Family friendly workplace

At QBE, we recognise families come in all shapes and sizes with varying needs at different life stages. We provide a range of options to support your needs.

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We believe neurodivergent people offer a wealth of unique skill sets, thinking patterns, talents, and strengths, enriching our organisation in immeasurable ways.

Empowering our people to help make change

Our QBE Foundation local grant program is a way for us to provide meaningful support for community initiatives addressing specific areas of need.

The QBE Employee Choice category invites QBE employees based in Australia to support a charity they work with by collaborating on a local grant application.

Sponsorship and community

QBE Foundation local grants - Employee Choice category

Our local grants program is designed to make a difference in the community and engage and empower our employees to make a positive impact by being part of the final selection process. The Employee Choice category encourages our people to support a charity they work with by applying for a grant together.

Shepherd Centre - group of mothers and their children sitting in a circle on the floor

How the QBE Foundation helped Colleen give back to The Shepherd Centre

When QBE's General Manager for Assurance & Frameworks, Colleen Chapman’s son was born profoundly deaf, she turned to The Shepherd Centre for support. Now she’s giving back to them with the QBE Foundation.

Med Earth - group of volunteers standing in front of a 40 foot container.

The QBE Foundation supports MedEarth to save lives

QBE’s Head of Marketing David Hirsch has been working with MedEarth for years. He helped them receive a QBE Foundation local grant which will support MedEarth’s work redistributing medical supplies to communities in need.