Olivia Wallace joined QBE as a 2017 graduate before landing a role in our Elders Insurance business.

“The culture at QBE is the whole reason I’m here,” she says. “It’s amazing to be in such a large company that places people and culture at the forefront.”

Want answers to "why enter the insurance industry?" or "why QBE?" Our past graduates answer some questions you might have when applying for a QBE graduate position.

What do our graduates have to say about their experience?

"Joining QBE’s Grad Program has helped me become more confident. The flexibility of the program allows me learn skills from different areas and understand what I like and where I can see my career developing.

The grad cohort is really supportive and has made my transition into QBE really enjoyable.

QBE’s ongoing purpose to enable a more resilient future is highlighted through their endless support, allowing graduates to explore many opportunities in different areas."

Amanda Phan

"Since starting with the Graduate Program in February 2020, QBE has been a supportive environment in which I have been able to explore multiple parts of the business and interact with individuals from all levels.

I have been encouraged to bring my individuality to work and have been valued from day one as a meaningful contributor in the company.

The flexibility of the Program and efforts of QBE staff to integrate me into the culture are great demonstrations of the QBE DNA that we are all encouraged to embody."

Nicola O’Connor

"The support you get in the grad program is unmatched and has reduced a lot of the stress and anxiety associated with starting a new job. The beauty of QBE is that we are encouraged to bring our full selves to work every day – it’s an inclusive and celebratory workplace, where everyone can be who they want to be at work. The breadth and diversity of work that was available within the industry is astonishing. Before coming to QBE, my career goal was to help people in some way - working at QBE allows me to do that.”

Nikki Lyon

“I was drawn to the QBE graduate program because of the diversity of work and vast amount of opportunities available but also through the company’s passion for their culture and values.

There is a strong culture of inclusion, where diversity of thoughts and collaboration are praised, which continues to be reflected in the continued support available throughout the graduate program.

Whilst being able to work across a variety of projects throughout my rotations, I am also continually encouraged to explore opportunities to develop my skills and learn more about the operations of the different business functions at QBE.”

Bri Simula

"As a naturally shy individual who was not sure about the course of my professional career, the QBE Graduate Program provided the direction, support, and development I needed – I have achieved professional and personal goals that I never thought would be possible.

The leadership and support you get from senior leaders, mentors and alumni graduates is amazing. There are endless opportunities to explore new roles and to progress your career. Putting yourself out there at QBE is never opposed, and your growth and development is supported.

Working with individuals who have the same values for diversity and inclusion, and who strive for better LGBTIQ+ inclusion is rewarding - QBE’s working culture is one of the best.

Working with the people in my Team doesn’t make work feel like work – I couldn’t be happier!"

Olivia Fong