Latest travel update: New Mount Rinjani volcano eruption and ash

Updated Tuesday 4 October, 2016

We have now lifted the embargo on insurance cover associated with the Mount Rinjani eruption and ash cloud in Bali, which we notified our customers about on 28 September, 2016.

What this means for you?

If you purchased your policy after 9am, Tuesday 4 October, 2016, there is no longer any embargo on claims arising from this event.

Please refer to the PDS for full details of your cover.

Published Wednesday 28 September, 2016

QBE Australia is closely monitoring the situation on the island of Lombok and the impact on our customers’ travel plans following the eruption of the Mount Rinjani volcano.

Flights in and out of Bali were affected yesterday, 27 September 2016. While, it’s understood some flights have now resumed, it’s not known whether there will be further eruptions or travel disruptions.

If you are planning a trip to Bali or Lombok and surrounding areas, or have already departed, this event may affect your cover.

What you need to know

If you purchased your policy after 10.30am, Wednesday 28 September, 2016, there is no cover for any claims arising from this event.

Customers yet to depart and seeking to make a claim are invited to call our Claims team on 1300 555 017 between the hours of 8.30am and 7pm Monday to Friday.

Customers currently on their trip and in need of assistance are invited call QBE Assist on +61 3 8523 2800 or email

We recommend policy holders regularly visit for travel advice and warnings from the Australian government.

Please see the link below for additional information about travel insurance cover for policyholders affected by the Mount Rinjani volcano eruption:

Policy holders travel update Mount Rinjani volcano eruption and ash