01 Feb 2018
Accident and Health: cover for healthy workplaces

Accident and Health: cover for healthy workplaces

Attracting and retaining engaged employees is fast becoming an important priority for businesses in Australia.

As a result, organisations are looking for ways to stand out in a crowded market place and introduce meaningful initiatives to meet the shifting values of employees and compare favourably with other evolving workplaces.

This is set against the backdrop of societal trends, including an increasingly mobile workforce, a focus on flexibility, an ageing workforce and a heightened awareness of an organisation’s duty of care for its employees.

The result, says QBE Insurance Accident and Health National Manager Troy Murley, is that more businesses want to identify as an employer of choice.

One of the ways they can do this is to offer employee benefits as a way of defining a solid attraction and retention strategy.

Highly conscious of the business implications from churn and absenteeism, organisations are continually looking to maximise their health and wellbeing initiatives to establish a stronger employee value proposition, Murley says. 

“The link between employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity is undeniable,” he says.

“Businesses are increasingly aware of the two-way street between productivity and healthy workplace culture. They also understand that fostering a motivated workforce requires a solution for health and well-being outside of the traditional office four walls.”

Becoming an enabler

Accident and Health insurance includes specific coverage for businesses who want to protect their people from sickness and accidents around the clock.

“Having this coverage on offer helps to position organisations’ as enablers. Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance products offer cover for people while they’re at work, but perhaps most importantly, they also respond when people get sick or are injured during personal and leisure time,” says Murley.

“This cover may help foster employee engagement and means employees can enjoy their personal hobbies safely outside of work.

“For example, many people enjoy riding a bicycle to work or play sport at the weekend. Employees can engage in these activities and return to the office refreshed and supported. In the unfortunate circumstance that they do get injured or sick, then they’ll have the support they need to recover and get back to their life both at work and outside it,” said Murley.

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Talk to an expert broker

As business insurance experts, brokers can find the policies that best meet your business needs. How do they work? They’re best described as licensed individuals or firms that serve as intermediaries between insurers and business owners to negotiate insurance policy contracts. 
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How to buy business insurance

Business insurance is purchased through brokers. If you don’t have a reliable personal recommendation, the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA)* can help you find an accredited broker.



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