Restoring Slim's House

Following a long career in Real Estate, Arthur 'Slim' Miles built his house over 30 years ago on the banks of the picturesque Tamar River, Tasmania.

Slim has lived a remarkable life. He served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during WWII, watched the first man land on the moon and was alive when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, a life most of us can only imagine. At 90 years of age Slim has lost 99% of his eyesight.

Whilst Slim built a sturdy house, unfortunately its location is subject to large storms when the weather conditions turn for the worse.

One particularly stormy night in July last year, Slim was fixing himself some supper when suddenly there was an explosive noise; using his instincts Slim ducked for cover. When the clatter had finished he stood up to discover a tree trunk outside his window, a 20 tonne, 30 metre tree had fallen into his kitchen tearing off the front of his house. The tree had missed Slim by just a few meters.