At QBE our vision is to be the most consistent and innovative risk partner. RiskAdvance offers efficient and innovative ways of working with us and modernises how customers manage risk and build risk maturity.

RiskAdvance is our risk management platform to assist customers with managing and mitigating their risks. It offers a range of risk management solutions based on customers’ needs including online and in person risk surveys, risk improvement reporting and risk-insights.

RiskAdvance offerings

Our RiskAdvance offerings enable QBE to expedite the decision-making process for insurance policies, helping to streamline the new business and renewal journeys for our valued brokers and customers.

Risk self-surveys


Our digital risk self-survey enables brokers and/or customers to complete a survey through an email link. The risk self-surveys:

  • can be completed in as little as 15-20 minutes
  • are a less inconvenient approach and ideal for less complex, small risks
  • offer in-survey assistance with question help text and mandatory question indicators
  • will reduce the time required to obtain risk information and in turn, enable QBE to make faster decisions on offering insurance policies.

Risk improvement portal


The portal simplifies the reporting process for brokers and/or customers by providing the ability to update risk improvements via an email link. The portal provides:

  • ability to change risk improvement statuses online
  • functionality to add comments and photos related to individual risk improvements
  • access to track history of comments from underwriters and brokers
  • notifications in real-time when risk improvement updates are made.
For more information on providing risk improvement updates, download the flyer.
To access QBE risk insights and resources relating to property and liability risk mitigation, see Property risk solutions.