Property risks can vary. They can include asset damage, interruption to business operations, damage to neighbouring properties and supply chain interruptions, all of which can also impact the business' reputation.

Effectively managing property risk should be central to an organisation’s overall risk management plan. Promoting risk awareness and planning to reduce the likelihood and severity of property loss events are key components of an effective property risk management strategy.

The QBE Risk Solutions team is aligned to customers’ risk management needs. We work with customers to ensure they have an effective risk identification and mitigation strategy, and our team of risk engineers provide practical and tailored risk engineering solutions drawing on insurance and industry-specific loss prevention knowledge.

Plus, our team continues to share our knowledge with brokers and customers through our online learning platform Q Academy and Q Risk Insights Hub to help Before & After you need us.

Our services

QBE’s Property Risk Solutions team offers a wide range of property risk engineering services that consider customers’ operational needs. Our core services include:

The property risk engineering team provides site risk assessments to support QBE underwriting requirements. This may include risk questionnaires, virtual surveys or physical onsite surveys, or a combination of these to ensure risks are effectively identified and reported.

Our team provides detailed risk improvement recommendations, prioritised by the likelihood of a loss and the potential exposure in the event of a loss. Our risk improvement recommendations are based on industry best practice and mitigation guidance standards, aimed at protecting properties and encouraging effective loss prevention.

QBE’s tailored risk engineering service benefits larger and more complex process risks, or customers with many locations who require assistance with insight into risk issues that could be effectively addressed at a corporate level. Our tailored risk engineering service can also provide industry or occupancy-type risk benchmarking.

This service also includes risk improvement recommendations to help mitigate loss, plus monitoring and support to complete the improvements. We offer ad-hoc technical support, including reviews of loss prevention procedures, risk mitigation plans and fire protection designs.

This tailored risk engineering approach includes a dedicated QBE risk engineer who works with the broker and customer to produce a property survey schedule related to the risk management needs. The account risk engineer is also responsible for organising and reviewing the risk reports and ensuring risk reporting and recommendations are consistent and support the customer’s risk management strategy.

The QBE property risk engineering team provides risk insights and knowledge sessions through Q Academy and the Q Risk Insights Hub. Through Q Academy, we leverage the experience of our risk engineers to highlight risk topics and explain loss prevention and risk mitigation strategies. Our risk insights provide guidance and practical advice to help customers achieve effective property risk management.

Your contact


Craig Rodger, QBE Manager Risk Engineering

Craig Rogers
QBE Manager - Risk Engineering - Risk Solutions
Commercial Lines
Tel:+61 2 9375 4327
Mob: +61 466 829 670
Email: craig.rogers@qbe.com

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